Our Story

Our story centers on the command Jesus gave His followers in Matthew 28:19-20. He told us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. We are a body of believers with a two-hundred-year history of worshiping, evangelizing, teaching, and praising God. For several years church members worshiped at what is now the Historical Museum on the square in Fredericktown. Within a few years at our first location, we were bursting at the seams, so we acquired land and built a portion of our current building at 123 Columbus Road. We soon outgrew our original structure and eventually added what is our present-day sanctuary. Throughout the years we have updated our facilities to accommodate the growth of our ministries. Our most recent addition in 2019 expanded our small group meeting rooms and added a large multipurpose room. This addition has given us an incredible opportunity to serve and fellowship within our church but also within our community.

Throughout our history, we have sought to live out our original mission to bring others into a relationship with Jesus. We have witnessed growth in numbers, growth in physical space, but most importantly we have continued to grow in our relationship with the Lord. He has provided abundantly through this body of believers, and as Cornerstone Community Church of Fredericktown, our story continues to center on going into the world and making disciples. We continue to seek what God has for our church and we are committed to making disciples here in Fredericktown, in surrounding communities, in mission fields throughout this country and around the globe. With God’s help we will continue to grow and spread the good news of Jesus, just as we are commanded to do.